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"Sustainability must be the new normal"

I am a geographer, consultant and producer in sustainability issues, with international experience in environmental concerns, climate protection management, mobility and communication. As a keynote speaker and project developer, I am primarily active in Germany, East Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Indo-Pacific region.

Services & Experiences

For more than 20 years I have worked as a freelance consultant and entrepreneur. The work area is focused on sustainable development, media, tourism and environment.

Lectures & Conferences

As a speaker and panelist at international conferences and workshops I like to dedicate myself to innovative topics and provide sustainable solutions to challenges.

Publications & Media production

Next to scientific, print and digital products, my publications range from children's books, brochures and magazines and podcasts to award-winning nature documentaries.

Membership & Engagement

I maintain my global network through memberships and active participation in scientific associations. I also engage myself in voluntary work, NGO participation and sports.

Latest from my blog

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