"Sustainability must be the new normal"

I am a geographer, consultant and producer in sustainability issues, with international experience in media, tourism and environmental concerns. As a keynote speaker and project developer, I am primarily active in Germany, East Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Indo-Pacific region.

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Henning Schwarze

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Oman Geoheritage Guide

Geotourism activities

A wealth of unique geological attractions in the Sultanate are waiting to be discovered with support of the Oman Geoheritage Guide application. The project is offering a range of Geotourism activities for different carefully selected points of interest, with support of a comprehensive smartphone application, providing media and information, including maps, podcasts and images.

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Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve

Multimedia feature

Together with nature filmmaker Robin Jähne, I produced a multimedia feature on the Lake Tana biosphere reserve for the UNESCO Office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In addition to impressive aerial photographs, interviews with scientists and local experts provide exciting insights into the potential and threats to the lake.

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Sustainable Development

For a better future

In my blog, I pick up topics that occupy me personally and professionally, both locally in East Westphalia-Lippe (Germany), as well as on my travels in Arabia, East Africa and Asia. Most of the time these are environmental and sustainability issues. Special emphasis is thereby - among other things - the National Park Senne, as well as the regional development in my hometown Schlangen.

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Unfortunately, it still will take one generation until the profit-hungry, corporate-led political elite will disappear, and will be replaced by...



team member

Green Entrepreneurship INTEWO - A think tank for sustainable development

INTEWO faces the growing challenges, provides impetus and offers innovative solutions in the areas of environment and tourism - sustainable.

The team of INTEWO consists i.a. from geographers, cartographers, ecologists, tourism experts, computer scientists, journalists and other thinkers. All employees of INTEWO are recognized specialists and can look back on many years of experience in Germany and abroad. INTEWO sees itself as a think tank and consistently invests in research and development.



I have different locations, currently Germany (HQ, Schlangen), Oman (Muscat) and Ethiopia (Bahir Dar).

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