Towards a Biosphere Reserve at Lake Tana

In 2004 we raised the idea to establish a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve at Lake Tana in Ethiopia. Lake Tana is the source of the Blue Nile, the most important contributor of fresh water to the Nile river.

Lake Tana with its surroundings is offering a diverse environment, is an important bird area, is home to unique cultural attractions and is providing good tourism opportunities.

Since our initial initiative things moved forward and there is a good chance that the Biosphere Reserve will be declared, soon. A Biosphere Reserve will certainly promote sustainable development in the region and will ensure conservation efforts. Also environmental considerate tourism will be stimulated with the status of an internationally recognized protected area.

Since the beginning of INTEWO’s engagement in Ethiopia in 2004 I am involved in sustainable tourism and environmental conservation activities at Lake Tana. Tasks include project development, report writing, workshop participation and to provide training for locals.

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