UNESCO approves Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve nomination

During the 27th session of the International Co-ordinating Council of the MAB Programme, UNESCO has approved the nomination file for Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve.

Situated in the north-western part of Ethiopia, the Biosphere Reserve comprises Lake Tana, the largest lake in Ethiopia, the main source of the Blue Nile, which provides important ecosystem services. The area is a hotspot of biodiversity, internationally well known as an Important Bird Area and is of global importance for agricultural genetic diversity.

Today’s announcement on Twitter:

This latest recognition of a Biosphere Reserve in Ethiopia is a very important step, as Lake Tana and its surroundings play a very important role in biodiversity and sustainable development. Furthermore Lake Tana is one of the key locations for environmentally friendly tourism development in the country.

Since 2004 I am involved in Biosphere Reserve related activities in the Lake Tana region, which, among scientific data collection, training, networking and tourism project development, also included the writing of a first initial proposal for the establishment of a Biosphere Reserve at Lake Tana (see below).

Being involved with Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve nomination since the first hour, I am very proud that this important international recognition is reality now. My family has roots at the shore of Lake Tana and my company is operating a representation in Bahir Dar, the main city in the designated region. The latest developments are very promising and INTEWO will strengthen its efforts to work towards the peaceful coexistence of man and biosphere at Lake Tana and to promote sustainable tourism and environmental awareness.

The first proposal towards a Biosphere Reserve at Lake Tana (2004):

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